Historic Tour

Buy Tickets Take our Historic Tour! The tour includes parts of the Caverns viewed by visitors from 1897-1925. It has been re-opened for tours in celebration of the 100 years since its discovery. Historic Tours are offered April 1st through October 31st.

The historical tour begins aboard a shuttle bus to the original entrance. Guests enter into the cavern at the site of discovery. Total length of this tour (in cavern) is .75 miles and takes approximately 45 minutes. The tours are guided and extend into areas of the cavern toured from 1897-1925.

Natural WonderTours are offered throughout the year. We are closed Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.
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CavernsNatural Splendor
Ohio Caverns is the largest and most beautiful of all Ohio Caves. Its exquisite crystal-white stalactite and stalagmite formations are nowhere to be found in greater profusion of artistic settings. The diversity of formations and unexcelled coloring are all the more interesting because the formations are still in the process of development so be sure to bring your camera to keep these memories.

No matter how far you travel, you will find your visit to Ohio Caverns provides you with rich memories of its great beauty and educational value.

Gift Shop

Many conveniences are provided for your comfort and recreation. A 35-acre park is located directly above the Caverns and contains a shelter house and picnic tables. A souvenir and gift shop is located within the entrance building. You will find a spirit of congeniality and wholesomeness in these pleasant surroundings. A courteous and attentive staff is at your service.

Cavern Environment

Regardless of the weather conditions the temperature of the Ohio Caverns remains a constant 54° F. (12.2° C.) throughout the year. The air inside the Caverns is always fresh and invigorating. The tour route through the Caverns is level which will allow you to enjoy the natural beauties of the Cavern safely and conveniently.

Still photography is welcomed, but video cameras are not allowed in the cavern.